#998 Happy another Year


What happened? Exactly one year!

I was so motivated, spent all my little free time adjusting the website, iterating it several times (and probably I will go on till I really like it), to have finally a frame I was convinced I like to fill with plenty of content frequently. Otherwise, there was no sense in doing this first infrastructural step. But then: The wide ocean of possibilities to write something. It needed to be meaningful because this is the sense of this blog. But I was not able to formulate even my motivation for why doing all this. Something appealing the reader immediately resonates with and wants to dig a little deeper into my thoughts, I thought. I wanted to motivate because I believed I have seen something people need to know. The more time passed the more I was daunted. Why me? What do I have to offer? All thoughts must be already thought, written down, in a video or podcast, or at least worn out. So it became very silent.

I had read the book “Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield, an easy read, and very plausible: Just do, without being ready and perfectly prepared for what is ahead. Start and go on a journey. And I started. Writing intro texts, my first book review, and some legal text, and then I went on watching and reading brilliant content from all the masters, who rule the web. Again: And now comes Human A/B. Stagnation. The frustration of what do I really want? At the same time, my life became a little “difficult”. But isn’t this the best time to start? Maybe a little more vulnerable to all things, with a perfect understanding of what incompletion means and that I am again at the end of a certain stage I do not know how to go on? What if I share all I know but also where I struggle, to showcase as an experiment how it can be done differently? How finally choose closer to my authentic being by understanding real options, struggles, the stuff I need to clean and go on, but different? What do different even mean?

The other side of my motivation-coin: It’s because I believe in systems, patterns, behaviors, and iterations, due to my job. And something says within me that there is probably a way to apply a very granular information architecture approach and our life, that was always my core belief to write and increase the surface for another “awareness”.

So I want to collect, apply, test, show, create awareness for possibility, formulate “problems” and open up to new things. For a good change. Because to become someone you want to be, you need to do things, you’ve never done before. I’m curious. So here we go, one year after I started. And this time we go on. I chose B.

*If you feel any urge while reading Human A/B to comment, criticize, vomit, knowing it better, lalala: Please let me know, for what I will be grateful. Thanks in advance.