A warm aloha! Here we go: we face more and more difficulties through stress, less resilience, little empathy, no involvement, and several mental struggles, including identity insecurities. It’s not disrupting, but I believe all of these “experiences” follow a system, a pattern we cultivated. And what has a pattern can be sorted. We need to do some work for becoming a master of your own choices! Here we are, to find ingredients and tools to iterate ourselves by seeking discomfort in many realms, backed by the interplay of pragmatic, science-based, experiential, and spiritually influenced concepts.

#993 book: Thinking Big

"Thinking Big" is a beautifully written guide that provides practical strategies, grounded in behavioral science, for achieving personal and professional growth. It raises awareness of our limitations, which are often biases, expectations, or lack of tools or behavior.

#994 A vs. B

Sometimes simplicity on already known things lead to new and inspiring perspectives.

#995 The end of history illusion

People regard the present as a marker moment at which they have finally become the person they will be for the rest oof their lives.
End of history illusion

#996 The meaning of Human A/B

Originally the A/B derived from split testing and helps a lot to understand the best choice between two options.
Human A/B

#997 All about Human Atomic Composing

HAC is a tool set to understand the patterns of human's very unique patterns, their ingredients and how to compose your own life.
Human Atomic Composing

#998 Happy another Year

What happened? Exactly one year! But why haven't I realized that I fucked up? I was so motivated...