Baked on banana OG, nothing is more relaxing!!! Although Chiquita Banana is an evenly balanced hybrid, the flowering time she needs is relatively short. Please help to make this database better and upload/connect your information here! Good luck with your grow mate! More posts from the microgrowery community. We use cookies for certain features and to improve your experience. $2.75. This weed isnt messing around, its actually pretty darn powerful for an OG strain with 20% THC! By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I. Cant. Pictures. Makes me feel very present, aware of my surroundings, but chill as all get out. If my clients like Banana OG (which I suspect they will) then Im def growing this again. BlazingKnight GDG 45. I was able to get some wedding cake x banana before they were sold out. I really just wanted to say hi , Daisie Humphries A little heavy. The Chiquita Banana strain seeds will grow into fabulous cannabis plants with high mold resistance, THC levels of 29%, and a CBD percentage of around 0.5%. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a major cannabis chemical compound. Dive into the enchanting world of Bloom Seed Co.s MAD Honey! But I really want to talk about the effects. MonroeGrow. This weed is a fast grow and it produces a ton of nug! holler at me on Instagram, . Moreover, despite its Sativa characteristics, the plant is easy to grow and suitable for novice growers. Indica-dominant Blueberry Kush marijuana seeds have an earthy, pungent taste, and will leave you floating of a stressless cloud with 21% THC. Ive been wanting to grow weed for years! WebBanana Butter Cup has an ASHI score of 1 out of 11, and a BPS rating of 2 out of 50. Long Island Cheese Squash. Leafly and the Leafly logo are registered trademarks of Leafly Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Do you know something more about Square One Genetics' Banana Butter Cups? (verified owner) November 12, 2019. Hate ibprofen. WebRobbinhood seeds Tahoe OG x banana butter cups and apple fritter x banana butter cups. Yowch, this is some strong stuff. If youre looking for pain relief you should try this one. banana buttercups by square one genetics : r/microgrowery - Reddit SQ77-20. Purchasing this strain online has been a great way to stay active in the weed community, even during the pandemic. A lot of munchies but a really nice feeling of euphoria as well. Steve cold Finlay Sheridan Had 6 strains this run and the square one genetics ocean fruit was one of if not the strain that really got my attention. Peanut Butter Cup is a are indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Mendo Breath X Do-Si-Dos strains. Dense Nugs Guide: How to grow dense Buds. WebIf you can endure the inevitable coughing fit associated with this sweet strain, youll enjoy its high potency, which is easy to grow and yields a moderate crop. Want to make like a Banana OG and split from pain and stress? (verified owner) November 4, 2022. Got very nice fat plants with excellent bud that had a lot of resin. Web825 views, 28 likes, 7 loves, 3 comments, 10 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Square One Genetics Fans Page: Grape Rock Candy x Banana Buttercups enjoy Pictures speak louder than words! (verified owner) December 15, 2018. Sat & Sun: closed. Shop Now. Their growing advice is always helpful, too. A really solid strain of mj, amazing for relaxation and stress relief. Verrrrrry relaxing. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and The Euphoric and Deeply Relaxing effects of Here we have some PBB (thugpug) Grape Rock Candy x Bannana Buttercups (square one genetics), and last but not least Bannana Buttercups (Square One Genetics) Killer Bruce Regular Seeds *Limited Release*, Lamb's Bread Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Peyote Cookies Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Afghan Hash Plant Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Blue Dream Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Bruce Banner AUTO FEMINIZED Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Gelato Auto Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Strains for Aches and Pain, Best Kept Skincare Secret of 2022: CBD & THC, Ayahuasca Purple Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN, Runtz Feminized Seeds (Bulk Seeds) - ELITE STRAIN, Green Crack Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN. Add to Cart Options. I ordered it online, after searching for the right strain for hours, and eventually had the seeds growing in a little germ chamber in the backyard. Copyright 2023 Square One Genetics - All Rights Reserved. Well, if you smoke this weed then youll enjoy bananas, and any other kind of food even more! This indica-dominant hybrid is a great option for those in the natural medicine camp, who want to treat insomnia or muscle pain. WebStrains: SQUARE ONE GENETICS - Wedding cake x Banana Butter Cups 5 week0 by GoldenGrowths. SKU: AF-AG-KK-3-BINC Category: Autoflowering Seed Bank Tag: Autoflowering Seeds. Charity D. So great! Fatigue. Upload your "Banana Butter Cups" Photos here and help other growers to get a better impression of this variety. All organic grow. #6. Pacific Seed Bank will not sell or send cannabis seeds to countries where their possession or trade is not legal. This five-pack of feminized seeds are sure to award winning, top-shelf nugs. You've stumbled upon a Banana Butter Cups related thread into a forum or growers community? I caught it by accident; around 10:45 I logged in to ig and saw that they had posted about it at 10 pm, when I went there were only 3 packs left; 5 min after I got some went back and it was sold out. I am very excited for this marijuana. Probably better for afternoons. I dont have much to say about the grow. Dont wait to finish daily chores, get em done before smoking! I love this weed not only for its smooth banana flavor, but the indica buzz is so relaxing I cant help but put my stressors behind me! By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. I share it with my boyfriend when he comes over and we have a nice time just chatting or watching Netflix. Highly recommend PSB! Perfect for a lazy afternoon or after work. The smell is strong and flagrant. (verified owner) November 11, 2018. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. When fully mature, Either way, I am a master grower for sure, and this stuff just made life look and smell like banana bread, and what could be wrong with that? 1. I dont think Ill have to order more seeds for a while, maybe a month or so. Just finished a run with Ocean fruit (brisker og x purple punch). Just transplanted to their new home yesterday. This weed not only feels amazing, its pretty darn easy to grow as well. WebBanana butter cups s1Custom Breeder & Strain VEG LED / 650WFC-E 6500 FLO LED / 650WFC-E 6500 Fish Head Farms Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Nutrients Botanicare Hasa relatively short growing time and a nice sized harvest as well. Please connect it here to the strain info page! Myself. Sharing your information here maybe can help other people! My daughter does it for me because at first I was like hell no Im not going to grow weed in my house. You have grown Banana Butter Cups together with another variety? (verified owner) September 13, 2020. Our strain reviews are multilingual, searchable and can be very detailed - including data about the grow, aroma, effects and taste! they still manage to put out hundreds of fine Gs I can smoke all winter. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. It really smells like fresh bananas and I gotta say, I love it! Grow room Indoor, growing in . WebWedding Cake Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications Type: Feminised Genetics: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush Photoperiod: Normal Sativa %: 20% Indica %: 80% Flowering Time (days): 55 - 60 Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 3rd-4th week - September Indoor Height (cm): 90-100cm Indoor Yield (g): up to 650 gr/m Connect it here and enable othe users to find this information fast and easy! AskGrowers is not responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed. Noah B. Quite a heavy-yielding plant, with a nice easy-to-grow care routine. Youd have to try hard to screw it up. You could almost imagine yourself eating your mama's banana cake before experiencing waves of energy that promise an unforgettable high. I really love the way this weed makes me feel, its so chilled out and super relaxing when you smoke it at night. WebThe hills are created by mounding up the soil about four to six inches high, twenty-four inches across at the base and flattened on the top. Week 4 You shouldnt be disappointed! Its an awesome delicious strain of the OG world, and its got so much to offer those suffering from stress. (verified owner) February 10, 2019. Ummm yeah you get the munchies. Sorry for the long awaited update! Terpene Profile: Artificial Cherry, Gas, Sour, Terpene Profile: Tropical citrus, Candy, Gas, Earthy, Terpene Profile: Vanilla, Gas, Hint of berry, Gorilla Butter F2-White Truffle Cut x Wildberry Cake (Fems), Oregon Raspberry x Peanut Butter Breath (REGS), Polynesian Cookie Haze x Peanut Butter Breath (REGS), Terpene Profile: Black Licorice, Floral, Sour, Banana Punch-Loki Gro Cut x PB & Jealous (REGS), Terpene Profile: Banana Peel, Sour, Woody, Skunky, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Breath x Purple Punch (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Tropical, Gas, Sour, Berry, Peanut Butter Cookies x Purple Punch (FEMS), PB & Jealous-Bobweedla cut x Purple Punch (FEMS), Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Grape, Skunk, Sour, Banana Peel, Apple Fritter x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Forum GSC x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Wedding Cake x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Grape, Gas, Vanilla, Funk, Grape Rock Candy x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Runtz x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Grape, Candy, Sweet, Hint of gas, Banana Butter Cups x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Grape, Skunk, Wood, Sour, Gelato 25 x Dosidos x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Brisker OG x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Grape, OG, Gas, Peanut Butter, Banana Punch-Loki Gro cut x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Banana Peel, Skunk, Sour, Terpene Profile: Gas, Vanilla, Banana Peel, Sunset Sherbet x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Sweet, Creamy, Gas, Funk, Banana Butter Cups x Banana Butter Cups (FEMS), Terpene Profile: Skunky, Woody, Banana Peel, Dark Chocolate, Terpene Profile: Gas, OG, Sour, Banana Peel, Terpene Profile: Mangoes, with a hint of mint, Sunset Sherbet S1 x Peanut Butter Breath (REGS), Peanut Butter Cookies x Brisker OG (REGS), Sundae Driver x Peanut Butter Cookies (REGS), Wedding Cake x Peanut Butter Cookies (REGS). Kelly P. r/ microgrowery 1 yr. ago u/I_Like_Thick_PAWGS Robbinhood seeds Tahoe OG x banana butter cups and apple fritter x banana butter cups. And get exclusive offers on Marijuana seeds! I am new to growing, but it really wasnt that hard, and the yield was amazing, beats going to the store any day!! We have PBB (thugpug) Bannana Butter Cups S1 (square1) and the last one is Grape Rock Candy x Bannana Buttercups (square1). I definitely want to try to grow indoors next time for a bigger yield, but outdoors wasnt bad either! Izaac Washington Week 6 of flower under 2 ES 300 v2 and I ES 180 v3 let's. Now when we smoke it were more judicious. I dont think Ill ever shop in a dispensary again. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database! . Ammar Gutierrez Perfect for growing in a greenhouse, cause it looooves the sun. They stay sold out. Good luck and happy growing:sunglasses::green_heart::pray::skin-tone-2: By continuing to use the website or clicking Accept you consent to our cookies and personal data policy. (verified owner) October 8, 2021. (verified owner) March 11, 2020. This allows the soil to be better warmed by the sun and provides better protection from heavy rain. Saanvi Rowe These seeds and ANYTHING from square 1 genetics is VERY SMALL release and I havnt seen more then 200 packs get sold at a time and new seeds normally drop greciiixx Close. Beatrice E. Its so easy and your yield is monstrous. You must verify that you are 21 years of age or older to enter this site. Please fill out our Strain VS. Strain direct comparisation form! AskGrowers is an encyclopedia with cannabis-related data. (verified owner) September 10, 2019. This weed gives me wicked relief for an old aching body. Parabellum Genetics' (verified owner) February 3, 2019. May lose flavor, but I bet this one gets real heavy later on. I dont blame you, these are stressful times, but banana OG will make it all better. Don't have enough space? Love smoking it at festivals and low-key sharing with my friends. Flowering within nine or ten weeks, this certainly isnt the speediest strain, but its arguably worth the wait. This has been great! The Grow Room Plant and Bud Photos Mangonada: Miracle Mango x Grape Rock Candy x Banana Buttercups Monroegrow May 20, 2022 May 20, 2022 #1 Monroegrow New Member Mangonada (miracle mango x grape rock candy x banana buttercups) bred by Thctitan,this is my keeper/potentially first breeding project.Thanks4lookin! The genetic blend of this strain is 60% Sativa. You still got plenty cuttings of them two phenos. WebBanana Butter is an indica/sativa variety from Parabellum Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of 65 days). Its an indica strain for sure and makes sitting at home on the couch that much better. 25% of people say it helps with Depression. The use of seeds and other marketed products for any purposes contrary to the current legislation is expressly prohibited. I really love the banana taste of this weed, its super sweet and fruity and tropical, gives me a lovely body buzz and makes for a solid after-dinner smoke, when all that food is digesting! Strain Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. Dont miss out! I honestly never thought I had the talent for it, and thats the real kicker. Always consult your doctor or other professional health care if you have any questions or uncertainty regarding your medical condition and appropriate treatment. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Definitely a good flavor too! Yep. Hopefully it will work out well for you like it works out for me! These seeds are t your fingertips! By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly'sTerms of ServiceandPrivacy Policy. She certainly has spunk, which should come as no surprise with a THC content of up to 29%. I recommend this weed to anyone that just wants to experiment in the weed-growing world. This smooth and sweet flavored indica is a real treat any time of day, but is definitely best at night. WebBanana Butter Cup strain effects Reported by 4 real people like you Feelings Tingly Energetic Hungry Negatives Dry eyes Dizzy Dry mouth Banana Butter Cup strain flavors Sage I really like the delicious taste and smell, it really does taste like bananas! This is my all-time favorite strain to grow. Clarissa Villegas (verified owner) September 3, 2018. (verified owner) July 31, 2022. The effects when consuming Chiquita Banana cannabis are overwhelmingly positive. Thats a good thing since, testing upwards of 23% THC (some can go higher), its likely to bring on an intense case of the munchies. I got a hefty yield, somewhere between 300 and 400 grams and It smells and tastes nice and tropical, kinda like banana! Good choice for a first time grower. Im used to pot strains with like 400-500 grams per plant, so this mj is like a field day for me! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Has anyone ever ran any square one genetics before? Pacific is also so so great at sending me quality seeds that are packed with care. Nice and leafy it legit reminds me of a banana tree. Grow conditions, techniques, grower This strain has a very pungent smell . Keep us posted. WebCritical Killer Fast Feminized Seeds Starting at: US$12.07 Zkittlez Glue Feminized Seeds - ELITE STRAIN Starting at: US$11.93 Ultra Killer Fast Feminized Seeds Starting at: Pacific Seed Bank will accept no responsibility in this respect. I usually smoke this weed in the evenings to unwind. Manal Mclaughlin Really nice on the indica side too with medicinal thc levels makes this one of my favorite strains that Ive ordered from PSB for sure. Holler at me, you wont be disappointed, Amazing strains! The grape rock looks fire on Instagram ! See our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy to learn more. If you are searching for information about Banana Butter Cups from Square One Genetics, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. Although uncommon, some smokers report feelings of paranoia and anxiety at high doses. (verified owner) March 10, 2019. (verified owner) April 28, 2019. Cookie Notice Gonna definitely buy some more mj when I come back to this website. For a hybrid with style, try Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds. An indica-dominant hybrid (with a 70/30 split), Banana OG marijuana seeds are a strong medical alternative. Or else just keep veggies around because you wont be able to control yourself. What a good recommendation this was, and banana og hit the spot! The genetic blend of this strain is 60% Sativa. Like all OG strains this strain offers a relaxing high that wont overwhelm. I once woke up in the middle of the night and smelled banana bread baking in the oven and that experience has never left me. $2.75. Because Chiquita Banana is 50% Sativa, she will stretch quite a bit at the beginning of the flowering phase. You GOTTA try this weed, its like baking banana bread in your brain, the fluffiest and greenest stuff on the planet. Banana OG.yummm I can smell it from here. An indica-dominant hybrid (with a 70/30 split), Banana OG marijuana seeds are a strong medical alternative. Its looking really great in the greenhouse in the backyard. You found a related video with additional information or grow-infos about Banana Butter Cups on YouTube? I could have sworn it said 5pm PST, but it was in my instagram story right when I woke up, so maybe I missed the time zones. Yasmin Bautista All the information available on AskGrowers is only for educational purposes. None statements provided by AskGrowers should be discerned as medical advice. Like fresh banana bread right out of the oven! I actually dont use pot very much myself; I grow it and sell it to other people so getting a lot of product for my effoert is very important. Highly recommended. All information on the website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to condone, promote or incite the cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances. Susan Gutierrez You'll notice that your sinuses start tingling almost immediately when you first smoke the weed. They dropped it at 10 pm et and by 11:00 it was sold out. But I have serious pain. (verified owner) November 4, 2022. (verified owner) October 26, 2018. Our feminized Banana OG cannabis seeds can yield an impressive 800 grams per plant if treated just right, after only 60-70 days in the flowering stage. Banana Butter Cups is a unknown variety from Square One Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of 60 days) and outdoors. So only naturally did I absolutely love this cannabis. With years of experience, the diligent minds behind Canuk Seeds aim to provide you with the best cannabis strains and genetics available from around the world. Its an easy grow and very rewarding. The taste and effect of Chiquita Banana make this strain a mouthwatering classic - ripe bananas mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg. With a healthy growth phase and completed flowering phase, Chiquita Banana can produce a very substantial amount of weed. Props to PSB. Turns out I am GREAT at growing weed, or at least the weed they sell on this site. This was a such a great buy, and the online selection on this site is out of this world. If youre in critical need of some relaxation, try this happy-making strain. Pictures. Chiquita Banana grows well in warm, Mediterranean, and arid climates but can also be grown outdoors during the summers of temperate climates. I highly recommend trying this one out! Depression. I am lucky enough to have a nice indoor space, so this was a breeze, and now my whole house smells like banana and skunky weed. It increases your creativity and activates the brain after a long workday, almost like a real banana. Like 200 USD for a pack of 10. The potency is super strong, just how I like it. Relax, get happy, and de-stress yourself with this strain. Lol. Get it? I loved growing this stuff, had my 3 plants in these big pots outdoors and they did really well with consistent watering. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. (verified owner) June 16, 2022. (verified owner) January 22, 2021. Love buying my weed online and having it shipped right to where I live. I am all about this weed, and growing your own weed in general. WebStandard Canuk Seeds; ELITE Strains; Limited Edition Canuk Puks; Mix Packs; Canuk Seeds: Limited Release; SEX. Sooo nice and relaxing, helpful for all kinds of reasons. Still enjoying my Banana OG crop. This strain boasts a 20+ THC and be forewarned youll get the munchies. Square One Genetics' Banana Butter Cups is a THC dominant variety and is/was also available as feminized seeds. WebBloom Seed Co. MAD Honey: Experience the Magic of Honey Banana x Sherbanger . WebBanana Butter Cups S1 Fem Seeds Square One Genetics BIN 200 Auction Ended Get your hands on a piece of history with these seeds. Kristina W. For details please see. Banana Punch Feminized Seeds. Oct 22, 2021. Oscar R. Feel like monkeying around? Wait for it wait for it wait for it oh yeah there it is! I ate an entire back of tortilla chips (just plain, which is weird) and then polished off a box of cereal. Outdoors where she truly flourishes under the warm sun, the yield can add up to as much as 600 grams per plant. I just plug it into my garden and I get a shit ton of weed. WebWeek 5 of banana buttercups by square one genetics. Yields were generous and full germination was achieved. SQ27-20. (verified owner) August 15, 2021. Growing Chiquita Banana seeds, it is crucial to have sufficient space. Its an easy grow, even in the backyard and looks absolutely fantastic with all its green leaves and beautiful flower buds. My favorite by far, that I have grown. The smell and taste of this strain drives me wild, its just like fresh banana bread! I have a passion for growing MJ, and I am getting pretty good at it too. Serious Bidders (verified owner) July 13, 2019. SQ14-20. I like how easy it is to grow. I was on medication that seriously effected my appetite so a friend recommended pot as a way to get me eating again. Grow room Indoor, growing in . Chiquita Banana is a beautiful plant with an alluring color spectrum on the leaves and buds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Its got that light tangy smell you can associate with bananas. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Lemme just start by saying that I hate painkillers. WebBanana Butter Cup Strain Cannabinoids. May 20, 2022 chillerkazzoo (verified owner) April 27, 2021. Good strain! Easy stuff. Smoking this reminds me of some Jamaican herb I used to enjoy back in the day. Harold U. Be warned after a little Banana OG marijuana may have you hankering for freshly baked banana bread. and our After a couple decades of smoking pot I pretty much know what I like. I keep them small on purpose. Growing Banana OG proved to be a bit more difficult than expected, however the reward was worth it. Parker Z. No pun intended. WebPack Size: 3 Seeds. It has a sweet, earthy aroma and a THC content of up to 27%. Kind of the perfect match for any experienced stoner! Relying on the information from this website is strictly at your discretion. I like to take Loooong drags off this strain, get really high and relaxed. The seeds aren't cheap tho. Philip F. Bred from a Cookies & Cream mother and a Goji OG father, this sativa -dominant strain is richly-flavoured and produces oodles of I smoke usually in the evenings to help me with stress relief and to help me with my mood. Shop Now. Anything crossed with BBC will be grade A WebBanana Butter Cups F1 Banana Punch-Loki Gro Cut x PB & Jealous (REGS) Terpene Profile: Banana Peel, Sour, Woody, Skunky, Chocolate Flowering Time: 56-63 days Grape Rock Candy F1 Peanut Butter Breath x Purple Punch (FEMS) Terpene Profile: Grape, Sweet, Funky I havent found anything that treats my pain like Banana OG does. I never thought the day would come where I could reliably grow my own weed at home, but the time is now!! nhl covid protocol list april 10, downgrade typescript version,
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